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3 Benefits of Using Faux Burlap Tablecloths At Your Next Party

Posted by on 3/6/2020 to Helpful Tips
3 Benefits of Using Faux Burlap Tablecloths At Your Next Party

Tablecloths are a must-have for every event planner who wants to leave a mark in every party or wedding. Table cloths are available in many different shapes and sizes, as well as fabrics and colors. While it’s wonderful to have some many options available, it can also make planning a bit more cumbersome. 

If you want a material that is subtle, yet stunning, consider faux burlap. This fabric can be applied to virtually any event and make the room look amazing -- it provides a universally appealing look that can be used for birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings alike! 

Most event planners will agree that tablecloths are a great way to set the ambiance of an event, and faux burlap tablecloths bring out the most stylish and polished look in an event. Given that the average party size is between 100 – 250 people, event planners have to be well prepared and set up enough tables to accommodate guests comfortably. 

So regardless of the guest list size or the venue, here are just a few of the benefits of using faux burlap tablecloths for your next event:

1. Using Tablecloths Saves You Time and Money

It is much cheaper to buy quality tablecloths than it is to purchase new tables altogether for your event. In most cases, it won't be straightforward to match all the tables with the theme of the party. In fact, it’s very likely that there are a variety of tables, each with a different look and condition.

While you could choose to replace all the tables, it will be expensive and consume a lot of time. Additionally, if you are working on a budget, which you most likely are, the expense probably does not add up. A solution is to buy faux burlap tablecloths and accompany them with burlap table skirts (and don’t forget your table skirt clips!), runners, or napkins.

Your choice of table linen will help you decorate even the dullest tables and transform them to match the party's theme. You can reuse faux burlap table cloths for different parties because, generally being made from polyester, they are washable and durable. In the long run, burlap tablecloths will save you money and time because you will not have to buy or rent each time you are planning a party.

2. Tablecloths Make Cleaning up Easy After a Party

Imagine the amount of energy and time you would have to put into cleaning all the tables in a party and leaving them without any food stains. Some tables are made of delicate furniture that would easily get destroyed by soup or beverages such as wine. After planning an exquisite party, cleaning up is the last thing you do to make sure you leave the party venue as clean as you found it. Having tablecloths for your party will save you the stress of cleaning the tables as you will instead simply remove the table linens and wash them.

Faux burlap tablecloths can be washed and dried using a washing machine without causing any damage. Therefore, you will save substantial time because they clean up faster, and in turn, this will give you adequate time to prepare them for your next event.

3. Tablecloths Match the Theme of a Party

Since a natural colored (sort of a light beige / tan) burlap tablecloth pairs well with other decor and table linen that you’re using, you can get creative with your choice of table skirts, table cloths, and napkins, so that they bring out the theme of the party perfectly. Because it’s a fabric that goes well with other materials, colors, and styles, you can always count on your faux burlap tablecloth to decorate your party. 

For most events, say a wedding, tables are largely visible and provide the most utility. As such, matching the tablecloths with the theme of the wedding will add pomp and color. People attending the party will feel more classy and appreciated, and photographers will have a field day.

Every event planner should make it a point to invest in enough tablecloths given the numerous benefits they bring to a party. If you are creative enough with your tablecloths, you will always pull a rabbit out of a hat and leave a permanent mark in the industry. Faux burlap tablecloth will work magic for you, and once you use them in your events, you will never go back.

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