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4 Reasons You'll Love Equinox Faux Burlap

Posted by JC on 10/17/2016 to What's New?
Equinox Faux Burlap

Our new Equinox Faux Burlap is simply awesome, and has many features that makes it an ideal fabric for any rustic event.

1) Seamless up to 118 inches wide!

Go wide without the seams! Equinox Faux Burlap products up to 118 inches on the longest side will be made from a single piece of fabric (note: fitted tablecloths are made from two pieces of fabric, as the top piece is sewn into the side piece, so there would be a seamed area on any fitted tablecloth product).

2) The anti-Burlap Burlap!

"Real"'s great, but sometimes not so great. It's rough, it sheds, and it can have a strong smell. And, yeah, you can't wash it, either. Equinox Faux Burlap is made of 100% Polyester -- it looks like real Burlap, but it's softer, doesn't shed, and has no Burlap scent. Bonus: it's machine washable!

3) Your wallet's best friend!

We're here to help make sure that you're able to stay within your budget. Our Equinox Faux Burlap offers an affordable option for your event, and it's built to last for repeated use.

4) Proud to be an American!

Like all of our sewn items, all of our finished Equinox Faux Burlap products are proudly made in the USA.

Those are the Top 4 reasons that we think you'll absolutely fall in love with our Equinox Faux Burlap line-up. As always, if you'd like to receive a free sample of this fabric, please contact us -- we only need a name and address to send the sample to, and we even pay the postage. (Note: please contact us directly; do not post your information in a comment to this article... unless you want everyone else who reads this article to see where you live).

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