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5 Reasons You'll LOVE Our Spun Poly Linens!

Posted by JC on 8/27/2013 to Product Guides

We've had Spun Poly for a long time now, and it's always been a favorite of ours, and many of our customers. Recently, we've revamped this fabric line and want to keep you up-to-date.

For those not familiar with the unique characteristics of Spun Polyester, we're laying out the Top 5 Reasons You'll LOVE Our Spun Poly Table Linens.

1. Spun Poly is soft. Really soft! Like, "Cotton-soft".

First, I should point out that we don't mean soft like a fluffy pillow. Spun Poly is tremendously soft compared to much of the traditional Polyester on the market (which can have almost a "plastic-like" feel).

With Spun Polyester, the fibers are spun repeatedly to soften them, and it gives a feel that is nearly identical to Cotton. For restaurants and dinner party hosts, there is a touch of stiffness in Spun Poly napkins, making them ideal for special napkin folds.

2. It feels like Cotton, but it doesn't wrinkle like Cotton.

Why is Spun Polyester such an awesome material? Because it has the softness of Cotton, but because it's made of 100% Polyester, it doesn't wrinkle like Cotton table linen. Our Spun Poly is wrinkle resistant, and so much easier to care for.

3. Laundering Spun Poly table linens is as easy as traditional Polyester.

One of the best things about Polyester is how easy it is to launder. Our Spun Poly is no different. Besides featuring a soil-release finish, our Spun Poly fabric is completely machine washable and dryer safe.

4. Spun Poly is heavier than many table linen fabrics.

The heavier weight material means more durability, and better opaqueness (that is, Spun Poly is harder is to see-through) than regular Polyester. It's no wonder that the finest hotels, fanciest banquet halls, and award-winning restaurants prefer Spun Poly.

5. Have a color in mind? Chances are we have it (or can get it)!

We're starting off our initial roll-out of Spun Poly with a somewhat limited color selection, but we'll have access to over 30 colors* when all is said and done. Keep an eye out for new colors that will be constantly added in the coming months.

*We're not kidding, check out a sneak peak of these colors:

Apple Green Spun Poly AppleBlack Spun Poly Black
Brown Spun Poly Brown
Army Green Spun Poly Army GreenWhite Spun Poly WhiteCafe Spun Poly Cafe
Sage Spun Poly Sage Grey Spun Poly GreyTan Spun Poly Tan
Hunter Spun Poly Hunter Ivory Spun Poly Ivory Gold Spun Poly Gold
Lagoon Spun Poly Lagoon Red Spun Poly Red
Grape Spun Poly Grape
Teal Spun Poly Teal Brick Spun Poly Brick Purple Spun Poly Purple
Light Blue Spun Poly Light Blue Raspberry Spun Poly Raspberry Lavender Spun Poly Lavender
Peacock Spun Poly Peacock Burgundy Spun Poly Burgundy Eggplant Spun Poly Eggplant
Periwinkle Spun Poly Periwinkle Hot Pink Spun Poly Hot Pink Orange Spun Poly Orange
Royal Blue Spun Poly Royal Pink Spun Poly Pink
Lemon Spun Poly Lemon
Navy Blue Spun Poly Navy Coral Spun Poly CoralLime Spun Poly Lime

As with all of our table linens, our Spun Poly table skirts, tablecloths, table runners, and napkins are made in the U.S.A. and are provided to our customers at the best prices for the best quality. And of course, we're the ones who offer free shipping for orders over $50.00 (contiguous U.S. only).

Contact us today for a free sample, and then compare our Spun Poly to anyone out there. The sample is free and the postage is paid by us -- for you that means there's no risk, no obligation, and no reason to wait on requesting your sample.

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