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5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Colors With Ease

Posted by LO on 5/14/2018 to Helpful Tips
Picking your wedding colors can be stressful because you only get married once, and you want to pick the perfect color scheme. No worries, just follow these tips to help you make the perfect selection.

Consider the season

One of the first things you should think about when you're selecting your wedding colors is the season your wedding will take place in. The biggest reason the season is important is that it will affect what flowers are available and in bloom. Pastel blooms are available in spring, while brighter colors are available in the summer. If you don't care about the flowers, you can really do whatever you want. While having orange bridesmaid dresses may be more traditionally used in the fall, you can sport them in the spring if you want to.

How will you use them?

Next, you want to consider how you will be using the colors. You can incorporate them with the napkins, fitted tablecloths, dresses, flowers, and other decor. You can even incorporate your colors in the desserts. If you're considering layering colors on the tables, hang up different color samples on table linen hangers and hold them up next to each other so you can see how they go together.

What is the venue like?

Your venue will have preexisting styles and schemes that will probably influence your color selection. If you're having it inside somewhere, pay attention to the colors they are using to make sure the ones you want will fit in. If the pallet is neutral, then you have little restrictions. If you're having your wedding outside, then the world is your oyster because all colors look great in nature.

Look at the color wheel

The color wheel is the perfect place to go when you're completely stumped on colors, or when you've picked some and want to see if they go together. Typically, colors that are opposites on the wheel go the best together because they complement each other. Neighboring colors work well too because they share a primary color. Again, the best way to see the colors in real life is to get some fabric samples, hang them on table linen hangers, and see them up close and personal together.

Pay attention to you

Lastly, you want to stay true to yourself. Look at what colors are hanging on your own table linen hangers at home, in your closet, and even in your home decor. See what colors stick out to you and start with those.

Roughly 44,230 weddings take place every weekend. You probably want your colors to stand out from the rest, but don't put too much pressure on yourself. Remember, it's your wedding, so you should choose what you love.

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