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Beautiful Burlap: 4 Ways To Incorporate The Tactile Fabric Into Your Wedding

Posted by LO on 12/19/2018 to Everything Else
burlap fabric When you think of burlap, you probably don't imagine it playing much of a role in a sophisticated and elegant wedding. However, the days of scratchy, uncomfortable burlap are over! With the introduction of the rustic style (which is currently the highest demanded wedding theme in the U.S.) burlap fabric aims to recreate those warm summer, deep-in-the-country vibes. Even if you aren't interested in the country or rustic aesthetic, burlap can make a delicate and subtle accent, complementing more stark and obvious thematic elements. Here are four ways you can incorporate the beauty of burlap into your wedding.

  • Table runner: If you do plan on pursuing a more naturalistic aesthetic for your wedding, burlap can almost perfectly match the warm tones of wood and linen. Since table linens can be so light, accenting them with a soft-colored table runner can set the relaxed, cozy mood that is so often found in nature.

  • Napkins: In the same vein as the table runners, burlap napkins make extremely complementary table settings. By simply throwing a little bit of the classic fabric around and throughout the space, you'll be able to effortless and seamlessly create a strong theme that guests will remember in fondness for months to come.

  • Pin board: Every wedding has a section for guests to leave their well-wishes for the happy couple. By utilizing burlap as the backboard of this easy, DIY project, you'll be able to find an affordable yet unique way for your loved ones to voice their happiness and joy at your union.

  • Vases: You'd be surprised at the effortless way burlap goes with flowering plants. Soft greens and warm browns and tans were made to go together, if their constant appearance in nature is anything to go by; by wrapping a few pieces of burlap fabric around glass centerpiece vases, you'll be able to create a gentle homage to nature, right there in the middle of every table your guests are seated at.

Guests will find the tasteful use of burlap fabric throughout your wedding to be refreshing and warm, as it gives off an almost homey feeling.

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