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Choosing the Right Table Linen for Your Event

Posted by LO on 4/30/2019 to Helpful Tips
table linen Often one of the most important details of any wedding and reception is the last thing you probably think about - table linens. There are many different kinds of table linens and the right selection can punctuate a wedding reception hall in exactly the right way.

On average, the number of guests who attend a wedding is around 136 people. That is a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of tables and chairs to provide. When thinking about feeding your hundreds of guests, you must also think about the ambiance you want to create when your guests are enjoying their meals.

The table linen is there to help enhance the mood, regardless of what the event may be, whether it is formal or casual. It can match the color scheme and theme of the event. And it can also magnify the beauty of the breathtaking centerpieces.

Choosing the right table linen for your event is no small task. Here is a list to help you determine what type of table linen your event requires.

  1. Tablecloths. The best way to start is to get white or off white tablecloths to start with and then add layers and accessories to match your theme. Or for a rustic outdoorsy wedding, picnic style tables can be elevated with faux burlap or burlap tablecloths.

  2. Table Runners. These long pieces of fabric are more narrow than the tablecloths and work well both over the table cloth or without a tablecloth. Choose a different color than your tablecloths to make this fabric stand out and compliment your centerpieces and other table decorations.

  3. Table Overlays. These are layered over table cloths that provide another dimension to the table surface. With the amount of rustic weddings increasing tremendously over the years, it’s becoming the wedding go-to decor, instead of the typical banquet hall type settings. Within the last 14 years, more and more internet searches have included "rustic wedding theme", and for those in search of ideas for the perfect rustic wedding, a textured table runner or table overlay with burlap fabric can add a multi-dimensional look and really make your tables stand out.

  4. Table Skirts. A table skirt is often used on the head table to give a more formal appearance to the bride and groom’s special seating area, and also for hiding items underneath buffet tables that may be unsightly. They’re easy to use, requiring only table skirting clips to be placed on the edge of the table, and attaching the table skirt to these clips.

  5. Napkins. This can be the most decorative and colorful piece of your table linen decor. Try mix and matching colors or add different textures to really spruce up your tables. Burlap napkins for a rustic wedding is a great and subtle addition to the theme.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. With so much to do, it is easy to forget the little things that seem minor but are instrumental in planning the perfect wedding. Check out our selection at Table Skirting Clip to stock up on all the items you may have missed.

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