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Comparing Covers: Table Skirts, Throws, And Runners

Posted by LO on 1/26/2019 to Everything Else
fitted table cover

Everybody loves a good party. Whether you're going to a wedding, a professional event, or just attending a neighborhood shindig, most people agree that fun times will be had by all. Hosting a party, though less relaxing, can be exciting in its own right; though you'll have to consider nearly every detail and accommodate your guests' needs, you can always play around with your options.

From banquets to bar mitzvahs, table linens play a huge role. Are you focusing more on practicality or quality? Do you want something that can be easily cleaned or something visually stunning? Depending on your personal needs, you'll have several options. Let's take a look at three of them.

Table Skirts

Rather than cover the entire table, table skirts are clipped to the sides -- the resulting look resembles a skirt. Table skirts provide a decorative accent to tables of all shapes and sizes; they're easy to attach and remove and usually don't get very soiled. Table skirts are very popular at weddings, conferences, and high-end parties.

Table Throws

Table throws (also known as table covers) come in two primary varieties: loose and fitted.

Fitted table covers (aka Fitted Tablecloths) are designed specifically for the table they're covering, creating clean edges and a tight, exact fit. These are comprised of a "top piece" (that covers the top of your table) that is sewn in to a "side piece" (which covers the sides of your table and drops down to the floor), often with an inverted pleat at each corner. Because it's made to your table's specific dimensions, fitted tablecloths are generally listed in terms of the length x width x height of the item. For example, a 72 inch long x 30 inch wide x 29 inch tall Fitted Tablecloth would be made to fit a standard sized 6 foot rectangular banquet table.

Loose table covers (aka table throws) on the other hand, are basically a tablecloth that is made to throw over the table and drop down to the floor. These do not have the exact fit of a fitted table cover -- instead, they’re kind of like buying a normal t-shirt that has a loose feel to it but isn't necessarily the wrong size. Because table throws aren't designed to have as snug of a fit, they're often simply listed as the tablecloth size. For example, a 90 inch wide x 132 inch long table throw would cover the top and all sides (down to the floor) of a standard sized 6 foot rectangular banquet table (table measuring 72 inches long x 30 inches wide x 29 inches tall) -- again, just without the more form-fitting look of a fitted tablecloth.

Table Runners

Because runners do not cover the entire table, they are used purely for decoration. Party planners will frequently top full tablecloths with table runners as an added accent; they run down the middle of the table and are commonly used to reinforce a party's theme (burlap for rustic, satin for luxurious, etc.). As a result, they are available in any number of styles, designs, and sizes.

Did you know that the average party a caterer manages sees between 100 and 250 people? If you're planning a get-together with that many people, your tablecloths are going to have to stand up to some serious damage. Whether you settled on fitted table covers or cotton throws with faux burlap runners, you're free to explore the possibilities that table linens offer.

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