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Creative Ways to Use Faux Burlap Fabric in Your Wedding

Posted by on 1/6/2020 to Helpful Tips
Creative Ways to Use Faux Burlap Fabric in Your Wedding
Faux Burlap tablecloths are an all-season table linen that you can use for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers, among other rustic and luxurious life events. You can get anything from vintage French romance to a simple southern theme every time you use faux burlap tablecloth in your event. It is truly a versatile material that transcends summer, spring, winter, and autumn, so you don’t have to worry about “the right time” to use it.

However, faux burlap isn’t just for table linen. Although that is the primary role, here are some additional ways you can use it to bring even more appeal to other areas of your event.<


The beginning of the big ceremony starts with invitations. Traditionally, couples use modern wedding cards to invite special guests to their weddings. But, this is often common and boring. Most people have seen this type of invite repeated over the years...been there, done that. How about cutting a simple rectangle from burlap fabric and using it as a backdrop of your invitation card? This is a simple way to communicate the rustic theme of your upcoming event!

Wedding Flowers

Traditionally, there is no wedding that is complete without a gorgeous wedding bouquet. For many years, people have gone for roses and other attractive colors to create a romantic and attractive wedding theme. But how do you choose the right theme for a rustic wedding? Instead of wondering where to pick your flower arrangements, consider making your wedding flowers with faux burlap fabric. It is a simple method of making your wedding unique (and bonus: it cuts down the flower arrangement costs!).

Ring Pillow

Staying on the topic of weddings -- after all, these are the events in which faux burlap table linen is most often used -- couples are coming up with innovative methods of bringing their wedding rings to the altar. Using young kids is pretty typical. You can use drones, that’s more modern and certainly cool. But if you also want to tie in your rustic theme, how about finding a way to bring burlap into the altar? With simple-to-make ring pillows, you can easily place your rings there and have them brought to the altar in style. It’s not an extraordinary thing, but it is unique and retains the theme of your wedding.


Whether for a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, or any other event, you don’t have to contract a print designer to develop bunting for you. There are simple and strategic methods where you can use faux burlap fabric and come up with something simple that attracts the imagination of your guests. All you need to do is have a roll of burlap ribbon, scissors, and acrylic paint from which you can make good looking bunting and direct your guests where you want them to be. Other areas where you can use burlap include dessert tables, seating charts & table numbers, gift table, and any other areas you want labeled


It is a bit tricky, but you can plan this with the person you have contracted to prepare your cake on the big day. Professionals will always find a way of including something in a celebratory cake, when instructed to do so. Here’s just one of many ideas: you can have the cake boxes sealed with a burlap ribbon and placed on tables with burlap skirts. This will bring the rustic and charming feeling that you want to be prevalent in your event!


An obvious method of bringing faux burlap tablecloths and other burlap table linen is to incorporate burlap tablescapes. They may not be very colorful, which means that you will need to find a strategic method of bringing life into everything. There are several methods you can use to spice things up. You can include pink lemonade or a bright table runner, and everything to do with color will be sorted without issues.

These are some of the simple strategies you can implement to use faux burlap tablecloth in your wedding or other special event. If you are looking for faux burlap fabric to use for your wedding theme, contact us at Table Skirting Clip for more information.

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