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Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Event: A Simple Guide to Party Planning

Posted by on 11/19/2019
napkinWhether you are planning your own wedding, want to have a spectacular graduation party, or are eager to wow your guests at any other special event, the planning portion is essential. Proper planning ensures your event will run smoothly and be a hit for every guest in attendance.

So whether you are new to event planning, or consider yourself a seasoned party planner, here are a few ways you can dress up your event and make it a night to remember.

Coordinate Your Colors

When planning, come up with a palate of staple colors. Turn to this color scheme when you feel stuck. Everything should be coordinated, from every napkin and fitted tablecloth to table runners and overlays. Coordinating your colors will tie your entire event together and create a professional atmosphere.

Create Multiple Photo Ops

Want evidence your guests had a great time? If they're plastering photos of your party all over social media, you can be sure your soiree was a smash. Create perfect photo-ready spots that entice your guests to take some memorable photos for their feed.

Bring in props or perhaps go the more classic route by setting up a beautiful backdrop that will help their photos stand out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is one of those small details your guests will appreciate.

Napkin origami adds a touch of class and personality. There are even easy to follow designs if you have never done it before.

Some beginner friendly options are:
  • the lotus napkin fold
  • the triple pocket
  • the swan fold
  • the rosebud fold
Your guests may not even want to unravel their napkins when you fold them in one of these unique and beautiful designs. It'll instantly class up any event and make the meal portion even more memorable.

Keep the Appetizers Light

When planning your event, find the perfect appetizer that will leave your guests satisfied but not too full for the main dish. Leave them wanting more. Select something unique yet simple (especially if you are in charge of preparing the food). And of course, always ask if your guests have any allergies or dietary restrictions before serving them.

Keep the Area Clean

During the party, keep an eye out for trash and other items strewn on the floor of your event space. Try to keep everything as nice and tidy as possible. This may include disposing of things like plastic cups, plates, or napkins. Keeping the area clean of debris is one of the easiest and best ways to dress up the space and ensure the guests have a perfect evening.

Create a beautiful event and even better memories

Putting together the perfect event does not have to be a complicated process. When you follow a few of these ideas, you'll leave a completely positive impression -- no matter the occasion.

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