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Fabric Lines

No matter what kind of fabric you are looking for, we got you covered!

Endless Options - Exceptional Price - Extraordinary Quality

With so many fabric options, it's helpful to know a little bit about each line. Below you will find a very brief description of each fabric that we carry, as well as the types of items that are available for each line. For a shortcut, you can click any of the blue links to be taken to that particular product.

Executive Line

Our Executive fabric is a medium weight 100% Polyester material with a linen look and feel.
Available in 9 popular colors in either shirred pleat table skirts, or box pleat table skirts.


Choose from Executive Table Skirts or matching Executive Table Toppers.

Premium Flame Retardant Line
Our Premium Flame Retardant fabric is a heavyweight 100% Polyester fabric with the look and feel of linen.
It is Durably Flame Retardant (DFR) and passes the NFPA 701 fire code.
Choose from 9 of the most popular colors.

We carry Premium Flame Retardant Table Skirting and matching Premium Flame Retardant Table Toppers.

Ultimate Line

Our Ultimate line items are composed of commercial grade 100% Polyester fabric in over 70 vibrant colors.

We offer Ultimate Table Skirts, Ultimate Table Toppers, Ultimate Tablecloths,
Ultimate Fitted Tablecloths, Ultimate Table Runners, Ultimate Chair Covers, and Ultimate Napkins.

Faux Burlap Line

Designer Faux Burlap Table Linen
Created to look like authentic Burlap, but is made of 100% Polyester that is soft, wrinkle resistant, free of shedding, and machine washable!

Choose from Faux Burlap Table Runners, Faux Burlap Napkins, Faux Burlap Tablecloths, and Faux Burlap Drapes & Burlap Curtains.

Spun Poly Line

Premium, heavyweight 100% Spun Polyester for a feel that is so soft, you'll think it's cotton!

Choose from 20 stunning colors in our Spun Poly Table Skirts, Spun Poly Table Toppers, Spun Poly Tablecloths,
Spun Poly Fitted Tablecloths, Spun Poly Table Runners, and Spun Poly Napkins.

Poly Stripe Line

Head turning 100% Polyester with funky 1" stripes of contrasting finish evenly spaced throughout.

We carry Poly Stripe Table Skirts, Poly Stripe Table Toppers, Poly Stripe Tablecloths, Poly Stripe Fitted Tablecloths,
Poly Stripe Table Runners, Poly Stripe Chair Covers, and Poly Stripe Napkins.

Checkered Line

100% Polyester with a timeless 1" x 1" checkered pattern that never goes out of style.

We offer 5 color combinations in our Checkered Table Skirts, Checkered Table Toppers, Checkered Tablecloths,
Checkered Fitted Tablecloths, Checkered Table Runners, and Checkered Napkins.

Reversible Line

100% reversible Polyester featuring Dupioni (fine lines) on one side and smooth Satin on the other.
Note: some items can only have 1 side due to the way it is sewn.

20 stunning colors are available for our Reversible Tablecloths, Reversible Table Runners,
Reversible Chair Covers, and Reversible Napkins.

Diamond Pintuck Line

Uniquely mesmerizing 4" diamond stitched pattern throughout the 55% Poly / 45% Nylon Diamond Pintuck line.

23 colors available in our Diamond Pintuck Table Skirting, Diamond Pintuck Table Toppers, Diamond Pintuck Tablecloths,
Diamond Pintuck Fitted Tablecloths
, Diamond Pintuck Table Runners, Diamond Pintuck Chair Covers, and Diamond Pintuck Napkins.

Royalty Damask Line

Inspired by regal elegance, our Damask (patterned) line comes in 3 unique styles:
Melrose (vines and leaves), Saxony (fancy floral), and Somerset (swirls).

Each style has 6 captivating colors in our Royalty Table Skirts, Royalty Table Toppers, Royalty Tablecloths,
Royalty Fitted Tablecloths, Royalty Table Runners, Royalty Chair Covers, and Royalty Napkins.

Radiant Sparkle Line

Sheer 100% Nylon overlays that take your tables to the next level!

Choose from 20 cool colors in our Radiant Sparkle Overlays.

Sparkle Organza Line

Sparkling 100% sheer Nylon overlays that are sure to brighten up any table setting!
Shimmering material with sparkling specks throughout in 19 stunning colors.

See our Sparkle Organza Overlays.

Crushed Line

Polyester/Rayon blend with a shiny "crushed" pattern.

16 remarkable colors are available in our Crushed Overlays.