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Faux Burlap Fitted Tablecloths

Burlap Fitted Tablecloths
Our Faux Burlap fitted tablecloths are a great way to have full coverage around all four sides of your table. It's all one piece, so set-up and take-down couldn't be easier -- just throw it on your table, center the Faux Burlap fitted tablecloth, and you're all done! No other attachment method is needed.

  • All of our Faux Burlap fitted tablecloths have an inverted pleat at each corner for a snug "box" fit.
  • All of our standard Faux Burlap fitted tablecloths are four-sided. Three-sided is available upon request for those who are sitting behind the table.
  • For three-sided Faux Burlap fitted tablecloths there would be approximately 10" dropping down the open side. This allows you to sit behind the table and still keep the fitted tablecloth securely on the table.
  • Faux Burlap fitted tablecloths are great for craft shows and display tables!
  • 100% machine washable Polyester, soft to the touch, wrinkle and stain resistant, no Burlap shedding or lint, and no Burlap smell)!
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