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Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted Tablecloth Covers provide full coverage on your table. Beautifully drape your entire table top and sides with one easy-to-use tablecloth cover.

Keep your tables protected with fitted tablecloth covers from Table Skirting Clip. Available in a wide array of beautiful colors, these fitted tablecloths include a top, front, back, and two side panels for an "all-in-one" coverage option for your tables. 

Certain sizes and fabrics will have 3 styles to choose from:
Inverted Pleat

Corners with an inverted pleat for a snug fit.
Shirred Sides

Shirred pleats on every panel, top is not pleated.

Box Sides

Box pleats on every panel, top is not pleated.

3-sided fitted tablecloths (no back panel) are available upon request. In this case, there would be approximately 10 inches of material on the back side to keep it on the table, but would easily allow a person to sit behind the table. Our standard fitted tablecloth covers will have 4 sides; we must be notified if you prefer 3 sides.