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How Fitted Tablecloths Can Make Event Planning Easier Than Ever

Posted by on 11/19/2019 to Helpful Tips
fitted tableclothsWhen planning a party, you'll need to have a solid idea of how many people might attend. Caterers often deal with parties with anywhere from 150 to 200 people on the guest list, on average. With so many people to accommodate, it's essential to streamline operations and make things as easy as possible. While there are numerous ways to make the catering process more efficient, one overlooked idea is the addition of fitted tablecloths.

The Advantages of Fitted Tablecloths

It may sound far-fetched, but fitted tablecloths can help make event planning a lot easier. They can also provide a few extra benefits that every caterer should know about, including the fact that they provide:
  • A Solid Foundation
    Regardless of the type of event, table linens give you a solid foundation to build upon. They can help tie together a color scheme, offer visual interest, or serve as a classy way to cover ordinarily bland tabletops. Whether you use them in a solid color or pattern, they can instantly transform a space and give you a starting point for all other decor options.

  • A Color Palette
    Color can make or break a space. Fitted table covers can offer the exact amount of color you need, even if the event isn’t following a specific theme. Coupled with centerpieces, they can strike the perfect balance without being overbearing or busy. No matter what type of event you’re planning, tablecloths can give that extra lively boost that you need.

  • Easier Clean-Up
    Cleaning up after an event can be almost as stressful as setting up the event. Fitted tablecloths help make this part a little less painful because you won’t have to worry about wiping down dirty tables after the event. Tablecloths also help protect the surface underneath from spills and stains that could otherwise damage the wood or plastic.

  • A High-Class Experience
    When catering or planning an event, you'll want guests to feel like they are experiencing the best. Tablecloths have long been associated with luxury and elegance. By utilizing them for your gatherings, you can help create an elegant dining experience for everyone. A tablecloth can make an event look tasteful and extravagant, even when completed on a relatively tight budget.
  • Tablecloths aren’t just for holiday dinners and black tie affairs; they can be readily be used to spruce up any event space. After all, there's a reason so many high-end restaurants take advantage of various types of tablecloths. When it comes to planning an event, fitted tablecloths can serve as a foundation to center the decor, as well as create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. Furthermore, they can make clean up easier than ever, all while protecting the furniture underneath from accidental spills and stains.

    If you are in charge of catering or planning events, don’t let your venue's tables go bare! Consider these benefits and think of how you can best incorporate them into your next gathering.

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