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How Table Linens Benefit Event Planners

Posted by on 1/7/2020 to Helpful Tips
How Table Linens Benefit Event Planners
The average caterer or event planner can expect between 100 and 250 people at any given event. While large guest lists can pose many design challenges, one of the biggest is creating chic and functional seating arrangements. To help make this process easier, designers and caterers can utilize table skirts with corresponding table clips, and tablecloths.

The Benefits of Table Linens

With combinations of colors and patterns to fit any event, table linens can help make the design and set up process quicker and easier than ever. Table skirting and tablecloths are a perfect complement to your event, and are some of the best ways to design an event space quickly and elegantly. A couple of the most significant benefits of using table linens can include the following.
  • Table linens are basically any type of fabric that can go on a table, including table skirts, tablecloths, table runners, and napkins, to name a few. When using table linens, caterers and planners can tailor any space for a special event. From business meetings to weddings, table linens instantly spruce up any ordinary table or otherwise mundane room.
  • Skirting a table is a great idea for any buffet tables, head tables at weddings, or other table in which you want to cover it down to the floor with an elegant looking aesthetic. If you’re using table skirts, just be sure to get the correct sized table skirt clips for your table’s edge thickness. This way you can help ensure that it stays in place and looks amazing.
  • Table skirts can also be paired with different colored tablecloths to match the color scheme of any event. While table skirts go from the table edge down to the floor, a tablecloth (or table topper) covers the top of the table. Because this top piece of fabric is separate from the table skirt, it opens up tons of options for color coordination.
  • Table linen is also relatively easy to clean, meaning event coordinators will have one less thing to worry about when breaking down after events. If you’re planning to use the same table linen for a variety of events over time, it may be a good idea to purchase items that are made out of polyester. Polyester is durable, fairly easy to launder, and also allows you to save and reuse your linens for many events to come. This lowers costs and environmental impact.
  • Table skirts and linens are also perfect for livening up otherwise bland event halls. They can be used to add splashes of color in monochrome settings and can also help spaces seem more cohesive and welcoming, all with minimal effort.
Table skirts (and clips for table skirts) and a good stock of linens should be in every event planner’s inventory. Not only can they help tie together a design scheme, but they can make set up easier overall, especially for events with large guest lists. If you’re looking for creative ways to set up for events, consider investing in table linens, you’ll be amazed by all the time you can save.

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