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How Table Skirts Make Wedding Planning Easier

Posted by on 12/13/2019 to Helpful Tips
How Table Skirts Make Wedding Planning Easier
Wholesale table skirts are a bride’s best friend when it comes to planning the perfect reception. With 63% of brides saying they feel pressured to have the perfect wedding, as according to WeddingWire’s 2017 Newlywed report, utilizing table skirts can help take some of the stress out of setting the perfect tables. If you’re new to the world of wholesale table skirts, here are eight reasons why you need to consider using them at your wedding!The Eight Benefits of Table Skirts
  1. Reuse for Events in the Future
    There are a lot of things you can buy for your wedding that you will probably never use again. Wholesale table skirts, on the other hand, have numerous reuses. From family gatherings and holidays to business outings and parties, table skirts can be used again long after the wedding is over. This is one wedding investment that you can feel good about buying. Note that this really only works when purchasing quality (fabric) table skirting...not so much with plastic / disposable skirts.
  2. Easier Pairing
    Table skirts help hide unsightly gaps under tablecloths while also pairing well with other different types of table linens. Too many people make the mistake of tossing on a lone tablecloth and calling it a day, this can leave tables feeling barren and hastily put together. Table skirts help give your tables a well thought out and elegant appeal that you and your guests will all love.
  3. No More Boring Tables
    Uncovered tables aren’t doing anyone any favors. Utilizing table skirts with other table linen allows you to create a beautiful and unique setting that can completely transform a room. The combinations can be both elegant and eye-catching, granting you the ability to combine colors and patterns for a truly breathtaking scene.
  4. No More Legs on Display
    When it comes to taking photographs of everyone at their tables, no one wants to see their legs all grouped together under the table! Wholesale table skirts allow you to hide everyone’s legs so that you get the best photographs possible.
  5. Your Color Scheme
    Many brides pick at least two colors to design their wedding around, but finding table linens that embody both colors can be difficult if you’re only using one. A table skirt, coupled with a table topper or table runner, gives you the ability to utilize both of your colors on the same table in a complementary way. For instance, if your colors are red and white, you can pair a white skirt with a red table topper. If you have three colors, such as red, white, and gold, you can even add a slim gold runner to keep everything as cohesive.
  6. Durability
    Fabric table skirting is often made from durable polyester, which adds to its longevity. This means you can wash them repeatedly and have them looking great for any event. If you choose skirts made from this fabric you are definitely going to get a product that you can reuse for decades to come.
  7. Easy to Set Up
    Skirts can be easily attracted to tables with table skirt clips or even small strips of Velcro attached directly to the table edge. This allows you to quickly and easily set up your tables and makes taking them down just as easy when you’re done. When everyone is rushing to get everything together on the big day, this simplicity can help prevent a lot of headaches!
  8. Flame Resistant
    While not every fabric is flame resistant, many skirts also have this benefit. This makes them perfect for a wedding (or any other event) where fire retardant table linen must be used -- just be sure to check the product details of the skirting before buying to make sure.
Table skirts have a lot of benefits, and when it comes to investing in wedding decorations, they are the one thing you can continue to use long after the big day. Our fabric table skirts can take some of the stress out of decorating and setting up, and they can also help create an elegant atmosphere without a lot of hassle. If you’re tired of worrying about your wedding planning, consider investing in table skirts to help make the process just a little bit easier.

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