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How To Attach Table Skirting To Your Table

Posted by JC on 3/29/2013 to Helpful Tips

Table skirts instantly add sophistication and elegance to any table. If you are using table skirting for the first time, we'll show you how quick and easy it is to set-up:

1) Place your table skirting clips around your table edge

Place Your Table Skirting Clips Around Your Table Edge

If you have a table topper (pictured above), make sure you place that on your table top before putting your skirting clips around the table. Table skirts only cover the edge of your table, down to the floor. To cover the table top, you will need a table topper. Otherwise, if you are leaving the top uncovered (that is, no table topper), simply snap your table skirt clips onto the table's edge.

We recommend placing a clip at every foot interval to avoid having any portion of your table skirt sag.

2) Press the hook and loop sides together

Attach the loop from your table skirt to the hook on the clips

Our table skirts have a strip of loop fastener -- the soft, fuzzy side -- that goes along the back of the skirt's top portion ("header").

Our table skirting clips have a strip of industrial strength hook fastener -- the rough side.

Starting at one end of the table, take your table skirt and press the back loop fastener onto the clip, working around the table -- pulling taught as you go along -- and making sure to press the two sides together firmly.

3) Your table skirt is all done!

Table Skirt is now on your table

Now your table is all set up!

When you're event is over and you need to take down your table skirt, simply "unstick" the hook fastener from your skirt from the table skirting clip, and neatly fold -- or roll -- your skirt as you undo it from the table. Store your table skirt, table topper (if you have one), and skirting clips for your next event.


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