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How to Plan a Party While on a Budget

Posted by on 3/6/2020 to Helpful Tips
How to Plan a Party While on a Budget

Party planning can be stressful, especially if you’re working with a minimal budget. You may find yourself wondering where to allocate your much should go towards the DJ? Decorations? Food? This balancing act between your budget and creating an unforgettable event can be difficult.

Thankfully, there are some tips for planning an amazing yet budget-friendly party. To learn more about how to throw a fun reception, work function, or birthday party for a fraction of the average cost, read on.

Stick to a Theme

A surefire way you can create a memorable ambiance is to stick to a theme. This allows your guests to be transported to a new world from the moment they step into the venue. Ask your guests to come in costume if you’re throwing a Roaring 20’s party. Have a salsa making contest if you’re doing a big bash this Cinco de Mayo. Planning a theme is also a perfect way to get your guests involved and excited.

If you’re throwing a wedding reception, these are some popular and easy to incorporate themes.

Enchanted Garden: Add flowers and thrifted China onto the tables


Bohemian: Utilize lots of flowers, lanterns, and hanging decorations


Old School Hollywood Glamor: Play Sinatra for a glamorous ambiance


Rustic Farmhouse: Utilize burlap and hang up string lights to perfectly encapsulate this unique theme


Purchase Wholesale Table Skirts

If you’re throwing a fundraiser, dinner party, or reception, purchase wholesale table skirts to decorate the dining area. Adding this small detail will instantly upgrade your entire party.

Select colors that coordinate with your theme. For example, if you’re throwing a baby shower, opt for blue and pink.

Also give some thought to how to create a cohesive look. One easy way is to have your napkins match as well to tie the entire event together.

Create Your Own Invitations

While some people may want to allocate funds to hire a graphic designer, you don’t have to. Find a template online, or create your invitations using your smartphone. Several apps can help you create stunning invites, absolutely free!

Have Guests Help You With the Catering

Have relatives, or other members help bring food to your event. Make it a potluck style event, or throw a cooking challenge to make things a little more interesting.

Get Crafty When it Comes to Decorating

The decor is a huge part of any event. In fact, there are 85,000 searches for wedding decorations, and that number is expected to rise.

If you’re looking to save in this department, consider crafting or thrifting your own pieces. For example, you can build a rose wall from scratch, using artificial flowers and styrofoam that will look lovely in photos. This is a great option if you're planning a dreamy and romantic wedding reception for yourself or a loved one. (Tip: Pinterest and Google Images are excellent resources for inspiration for DIY decor ideas!).

For Help Finding Wholesale Table Skirts, Give Us a Call

There are many ways you can cut the total cost of party planning. Implement a handful of these if you want to throw a fantastic event, regardless of what your budget is. However, if you’re still feeling lost amidst all the details of party preparation, contact us. We can help you select the perfect table linen for your next big party. This should take some of the load off, so you can relax and know that you’re not alone when planning out your event.

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