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How to Use Linen to Complement Your Wedding Theme

Posted by on 11/14/2019 to Helpful Tips
burlap tableclothCapturing all the finer details of your big day can be an overwhelming experience. It’s certainly ironic that your wedding day is meant to be the happiest event of your life, and yet planning it can be quite dreadful. From picking out the chairs to the flowers, to the centerpieces, you need that theme that simply makes your venue stand out. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience!

If you are looking for that unifying factor that simply blends everything, then starting with the linens is a great choice. When placed strategically, the tablecloths, napkins, and table runners give a flowing rhythm to your décor. Life is full of little treats and on your big day, you deserve a flawless, spectacular venue. Below is a guide on how to use linens to compliment your wedding theme.

1. Understand What Works for You

Choosing the texture, style, color, and type of linens depends on several factors such as the size of tables, style of chairs, and the number of expected guests. For an outdoor event, if your table linen is light-colored, it would only be reasonable to pick a size that doesn’t sweep the floor. This will keep the linens away from dirt and traceable footprints.

If you are looking to incorporate a black theme wedding, you could consider using shimmering table linens that add a classy, unique look to your day. Lace linens are also a beautiful way of decorating, especially if you’re using burlap tablecloths for a vintage wedding.

2. Mix and Match the Colors

It’s your big day, so do it right by selecting table linen that gives off good vibes, complements your traits, and accentuates your décor. For example, a rustic wedding blends well with wood slabs and burlap tablecloths due to their natural style. With the neutrality of burlap, you can easily pair other décor to really tie your theme together. Think Mason jars, twine, and other rustic additions.

Or perhaps your style involves the use of bold, daring colors. In that case, besides the rich colors available, consider also using table linen with unique patterns, such as stripes or diamond pintuck. The combination of “out of the norm” colors and patterns will be sure to wow your guests.

You could also go for seasonal colors as they are popular and likely to give you some light on your ideal color. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer; it’s your big day, make it your own!

If you need a little inspiration, hop online and try the different color combinations, then decide on linen colors that feels right to you.

3. Explore Other Design Features

Think of your wedding as one whole package with little detailed features that, once aligned, form a masterpiece. If you are having a hard time pinpointing the exact fabric to use, you could gain inspiration from other design elements. For instance, you could use burlap fabric if you have settled for a hand-made paper for your wedding invitations.

You could also look at it from a creative corresponding touch. Napkins, tablecloths and table runners are items that should blend seamlessly and complement one another. Adding a splash of contrast can spice things up and create a unique, customized look. Perhaps a dark blue napkin on a neutral color burlap tablecloth will tie everything together. Or for a bold look, pair a white fitted tablecloth with a striped table runner. There are virtually infinite possibilities!

4. Add Complementary Linen Styles

If you’re using a wedding planner, they’ll probably ask that you pick at least two complementary styles to elevate the design element for your event. When table linen is combined with other fibers, it tends to gain properties of the joining fiber. A combination of cotton and linen results in the softening of linen and reduced wrinkles.

Rayon and linen create a significantly softer material with a more fluid drape from the rayon. When mixing linen patterns, think in terms of bold and calm patterns.

With the help of your event planner, you should be able to set up a sample mock table to help you envision the final outlook for your big day, while also adding personality to your reception tables. Incorporating accessories to things like your burlap tablecloth will definitely bring out the best designs for your chair sashes, covers, design props, and table overlays.

Once your linens are taken care of, you’ve crossed out a big “to do” item and you’ll find that the rest of the planning goes much smoother. Now...what flowers to use? Congratulations and enjoy your special day!

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