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How to Use Your Wedding Theme to Help Pick Your Colors

Posted by LO on 6/21/2018 to Helpful Tips
table skirting clip When you're planning your wedding, most of your decisions will probably revolve around your theme. Your wedding colors are probably one of those decisions. If you're trying to correlate your colors with your theme, don't get overwhelmed. Here is a basic guide to common colors that are usually paired with popular wedding themes.


Elegant weddings are known for being perfectly planned out, down to the table skirting clips. To reflect this prim and proper theme, classic colors like black and white are often used. You can also throw in colors like navy, red, and ivory to celebrate your elegance.


Country themes are typically more relaxed, and the colors are bold. Country weddings typically feature bright, royal blue tablecloths tied down with tablecloth clips, bright yellow flowers, and brown cowboy boots.


Boho can be put into a few different categories. If you're looking for a relaxed, boho-chic kind of wedding, then neutral colors are the way to go. Ivory, blush, and soft greens usually work well. If you're looking for a vibrant boho vibe, then bright colors like lavender, dark green, and gold are good for you.


The rustic theme is very hot right now. It typically features items like mason jars, chalkboards, and lots of burlap. You can't go wrong with using natural colors like soft green, ivory, and wood tones. Blush also looks really nice with a rustic wedding.


Vintage is very similar to rustic themes in that there are typically soft, natural colors used. Use a table skirting clip to secure your slate blue tablecloths and blush colored napkins. Brides have also been known to mix in gold and navy in their vintage themed weddings.


Modern themes are typically a mix of bold and neutral colors. For example, you might choose to have grey bridesmaid dressed and vibrant yellow flowers. Or, maybe you want blush colored tablecloths with copper centerpieces. Brides like to play with metallics and matte finishes when it comes to modern themes.

There are roughly 85,000 searches for wedding decorations, and that number is expected to continue. If you're one of the many brides frantically searching for wedding themes and colors that match, don't fret. You can try to stick to this guide, or you can do whatever you want! It's your day, and it should reflect your personality and desires. your napkins, table linens, flowers, and bridesmaid dresses will all look fabulous no matter what.

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