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Introducing Our BRAND NEW Executive Economy Table Skirts!

Posted by JC on 7/12/2012 to What's New?

Saving money on table skirts is now easier than ever...

Executive Economy Linen Table Skirting

Introducing our Executive Economy table skirting line that are...

  • More elegant than other similarly priced table skirts!
Our Executive table skirts are made of 100% machine washable Polyester, with a matte linen finish that is great for fancier occasions. The only other table skirts remotely in the price range is what some call "Poly Knit", which like our Economy Satin line, has a less formal shiny finish.
  • Made in the United States of America!
Our Executive table skirts are made right here in America. Considering imported table skirting is often more expensive, our Executive line is an incredible value.
  • Available in 5 of the most popular colors!
Choose from black, white, royal blue, navy blue, and burgundy -- more colors to come in the near future! (Stay up-to-date on new colors by signing up for our newsletter).
  • Available in Shirred or Box pleats!
Fancy shirred pleats, or ultra-elegant box pleats? The choice is yours! If you're not sure which pleat style is best for your event, checkout our Blog post titled "Table Skirt Pleat Styles".
  • Finished (serged) on the bottom and sides!
Our Executive Economy table skirts have finished (serged) bottoms and edges; you won't find that in most Poly Knit skirts!
  • The best value for table skirting on the market!
Who doesn't like saving money? Our Executive Economy table skirts are unbeatable in price. 14' shirred pleats are as low as $20.95 each, while 14' box pleats are as low as $33.95 per skirt.

Ready to save? Shop for Executive Economy table skirts today! Still not sure? Request a free sample!

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