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Make Your Wedding Magical By Choosing One of These 3 Themes

Posted by LO on 11/12/2018 to Helpful Tips
burlap America loves weddings. Each year, around 2.4 million people tie the knot and start their lives together -- but with a number that big, the desire to stand out from the crowd and create a one-of-a-kind experience is overpowering; you don't just want the event to go smoothly, you want it to be memorable and magical for everyone who attended. With traditional weddings going the way of the dinosaur, here are three creative themes to style your Big Day around.

Rustic: Imagine walking down the aisle in a barn full of reclaimed, worn wood as fairy lights dance around and above you; the rustic theme combines all the comfort and warmth of home with the natural beauty of the outdoors. Heavily relying on natural elements such as wood, rustic weddings are classier, cozier versions of country weddings. It's the small accents that make the difference: burlap napkins or burlap fabric fitted tablecloth covers, mismatched ceramic plates, and the warm tones of stained wood all around you.

Garden: If you truly feel a bond with Earth's natural beauty, you might consider a garden theme. Flowers and greenery surround you; blades of grass gently tickle your feet as you walk down the natural aisle to a trellis in full bloom, where the love of your life waits beneath. Everyone loves a flower theme: offer a section specifically for tea (complete with its own assortment of wild and delightful hats) and encourage guests to wander around the gardens after the ceremony.

Nerd: You are a unique individual with unique interests -- it's only logical (is that you, Spock?) that your wedding reveal and support that fact in full. Whatever your pleasure -- Star Wars, Tolkien, or Harry Potter --, embrace it in its entirety. Choose themed music (walking down the aisle to The Imperial March would certainly be memorable), encourage guests to indulge in their own nerddom, and have a wonderful time in a space that truly captures who you are.

There is no such thing as a "traditional" wedding anymore; with so many different and interesting people in the world, your wedding should celebrate the lives -- past, present, and future -- of you and your spouse as much as possible.

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