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NEW Designer Faux Burlap - Machine Washable, Soft, and Durable!

Posted by JC on 10/19/2012 to What's New?

What's even better than Burlap? Our new Designer Faux Burlap!

Designer Faux Burlap Table Linen from's Designer Faux Burlap fabric is designed to look like natural Jute Burlap, but because it's made from 100% Polyester it has a variety of superior characteristics that aren't found in traditional Jute Burlap:

1) Easy Cleaning!

Our Designer Faux Burlap is so easy to care for -- it can be machine washed and tumble dried in any regular home machine, saving you a tremendous amount of time and effort. Compare to Jute Burlap that has to be spot cleaned by hand, or dry cleaned.

2) Wrinkle Resistant!

Being made of 100% Polyester means our Designer Faux Burlap is a master at resisting wrinkles. Jute Burlap, because of the nature of the Jute material, can be prone to having creases or the occasional wrinkling.

3) Soft Material!

While Jute Burlap is a pretty coarse material, our Designer Faux Burlap is extremely soft to the touch. This gives added comfort to guests when used as a tablecloth, table runner, or any other sort of table linen.

4) Lint Free!

Designer Faux Burlap has the look of tightly woven Jute, but without the shedding and "Burlap lint" that is traditionally found in natural Burlap -- no matter how refined the Jute may be. Jute Burlap shedding is a part of it being made from natural fibers, but Designer Faux Burlap -- being made of Polyester -- is free of Burlap lint and shedding.

Our Designer Faux Burlap was created for party planners, event coordinators, linen rental companies, and home decorators alike for an easy care Burlap. For those who desire a gorgeous alternative to traditional Jute Burlap, nothing beats the quality and price of our Designer Faux Burlap.

We're sure you'll agree; so sure that we encourage you to contact us today for a FREE sample. The sample is free, and we even pay the postage. There's no risk in having to pay for the sample (or shipping), and no obligation to buy from us. We don't ask for billing information for samples -- all we need is the name and address to send the Polyester Faux Burlap sample to!

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