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Table Skirt Pleat Styles | What are Shirred and Box Pleat Table Skirts?

Posted by JC on 7/13/2012 to Product Guides
Table skirts can make any table look great, no question about it. They give a sense of formality and elegance that's impossible to recreate, so it's no wonder you see table skirts at press conferences, wedding receptions, and fancy events.

All of our table skirt fabric lines are available with shirred pleats, and box pleats are an option for most of our table skirting fabric lines.

Shirred Pleat Table Skirts
Shirred pleat table skirts
are the most commonly used table skirting pleat style. A series of narrower folds at the top gives the table skirt a gathered, bunched appearance as it drops to the floor.

Box Pleat Table Skirts

Box pleat table skirts
are used to give table skirting the most luxurious look for the most elegant functions. Each pleat is approximately 4 inches wide, giving each pleat a "boxed" look with more of a crisp, defined edge.

The pleat style that's right for your event depends on the image that you're trying to achieve. While shirred pleats look great, they're much more common compared to box pleats. Shirred pleat table skirts certainly help any event look much better, and box pleat table skirts are typically used for high-end functions. That said, it's much more common to have a shirred pleat table skirt at a welcome desk in a business, but a big time fundraiser at a high end country club would usually have box pleat table skirt. The "right" choice depends entirely on the type of event and the atmosphere that you are trying to create.

Hope this guide helped everyone out there get a better sense of table skirting pleat options. Feel free to comment below, or contact us, with any questions.

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