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Table Skirts or Fitted Tablecloths?

Posted by JC on 6/27/2012 to Product Guides
Table skirts and fitted tablecloths are both great ways to make any table instantly more professional looking. You'll see them used at welcome desks, buffet tables, trade show booth display tables...anywhere that a bare, uncovered table just won't do.

And while either table skirting or fitted tablecloths make an ordinary table look amazing, there are a few key differences that should be considered when figuring out which would work best for your event.

Quality Linen Table Skirts

Benefits of Table Skirts:

1) Table skirts can be used on a variety of table sizes. For example, a 14 foot long table skirt will cover three sides of a standard 6 foot banquet table, but could also be used on an 8 foot banquet table as well. This versatility would be especially helpful if you're not sure what size table you'll be provided with, but you do know that it will either be a 6 foot or 8 foot table.

2) Because the table topper is a separate piece of fabric, you can easily change the color scheme by simply purchasing a couple of different table topper colors. You could purchase a black table skirt, as well as a black table topper when you want a uniform look, as well as a red and blue table topper so that you can have different color combinations for different events.

Limitations of Table Skirts:

1) You need a way to attach the table skirt to the edges of your tables, which can make set-up time just a bit longer compared to a fitted tablecloth. To help cut down on the set-up time, we offer a variety of table skirting clips that are designed to make the process fast and easy.

2) To cover the entire table, including the top, you need the table skirt and the table topper. This means that if you travel to various events, make sure you have all of the items on your checklist (and don't forget your clips!).

Fitted Tablecloths and Table Covers

Benefits of Fitted Tablecloths:

1) Fitted tablecloths are "all-in-one", so the top and sides of your table are covered with just one piece of fabric. Just throw it on your table and you're done!

2) Nothing is needed for attachment to your table, such as clips. This means that unlike table skirts -- where you'd need clips, and perhaps even a topper if you want the table top also covered -- all you need is your fitted tablecloth in order to have full coverage of your table.

Limitations of Fitted Tablecloths:

1) They are sewn to fit only one table size. For example, if you have a 6 foot fitted tablecloth that measures 30 inches wide x 72 inches long x 29 inches tall, it will ONLY fit that table size. You could not use it on an 8 foot table, as it would be too small and would not fit.

2) The color combination is set. With a table skirt, you can change out the topper color to match each event's color scheme. With a fitted tablecloth, once it's made, that will always be the color combination. However, one way to add an accent of color would be to use a table runner, which is an inexpensive way to have some color contrast.

Both table skirts and fitted tablecloths are popular options for covering tables. While there's no "right or wrong" answer to which one you should choose, we hope that this article has given you some ideas as to the best choice for your event. If you have any questions, our sales staff is happy to assist!

This article was updated on September 22, 2017.


Date 3/14/2016
Sue Stanley
Thank you for defining the difference. I know I want the fitted tablecloth buy cannot find for a 5 ft table. Can you help me with that?

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