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Table Skirts

Wholesale Table Skirts from

We are proud to offer luxurious table skirts at incredibly low prices! We carry table skirts for every occasion, either with classic shirred pleats or ultra-elegant box pleats.

All of our table skirting is made in the USA, is machine washable/dryer safe, and have a strip of loop fastener on the back top portion for easy attachment to table skirting clips.

CHECK OUT OUR BEST SELLING TABLE SKIRTING LINE: EXECUTIVE! Inexpensive quality table skirts at unbeatable prices (we're talking 14 foot shirred pleats as low as $20.95, and 14 foot box pleats as low as $33.95!). Available in 9 popular colors in either shirred or box pleats, all made in the USA! Start saving today with our Executive Table Skirts!