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Testimonials Reviews -- right from our customers!

A special thanks to our customers who take the time to give us praise (and permission to publish their words). We would love to have your testimonial as well! Please email us at [email protected]. Of course, we respect your privacy and will never give more information other than your first name, your state, and your testimonial (unless permission is given to use additional info).

"The booth looked great!"
-Elaine in Virginia

Elaine used our Spun Gold Economy Poly Silk table skirts at her trade show to help her booth stand out and create a professional appearance. Way to go, Elaine! Thank you again for sending us your photo.

"The tablecloths arrived today! I've only opened one of them, but the one I saw was beautiful! Couldn't ask for anything nicer! Thank you so much for your super quick turnaround on the order. How you all did it is beyond belief! This has been a terrific experience. Be proud of your company (as if you're not!)."
-Donna in Michigan
Thanks, Donna! We are certainly proud of our company, but more proud to serve customers as wonderful as you! Your kind words mean a lot to us.

"Just wanted to say that Christina was very helpful to me on the phone today! I had to place a call to you to follow up with an incorrect online order I placed. She was very pleasant and very accommodating!! I am in the mobile DJ and entertainment business (weddings, parties, banquets, etc.) and I have already bookmarked your site on my PC for future use. Also, I will let any friend or associate know about your business as well!!! It is very refreshing to get to talk to an actual real person!!!"
-David Graham in South Carolina (
It's our pleasure to help, David! After all, our customers are the heart and soul of our business and we couldn't do it without you.

"Thank you for the amazing service. Please pass this to your manager as I would like him/her to know that I have never completed a transaction with a new (or old) company so easily, so quickly and with someone so helpful and that had such great knowledge about the product and understood my needs."
-Joan in California
Thank you very much, Joan! I'm glad that we could be of service to you. It's a testimonial like yours that lets us know that we're doing our jobs right!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you...I have the table skirt clips in saved the wedding day!"
-Angie in Missouri
We're so glad, Angie! We know how stressful weddings can be, and we're happy to have helped. Congratulations!

"I was thrilled the table skirting arrived this morning. I had a show tonight and they were perfect! Thanks so much for the excellent service. I really was very satisfied with every aspect of dealing with the company. It is truly a relief when I find a company that has true customer service, a great product and pleasant people."
-Mary in Kentucky
Thank you, Mary! When we say that customer service is our #1 priority, we mean it. We're glad that your skirting came in time and we hope that your show went well.

"Just received my order & the skirts are gorgeous!  So pretty!  I have a huge Nativity village, and for years I've been looking for something to cover up under the tables.  Well, my search is over."
-Kathy in New York
Table Skirts
Well done Kathy! You made an absolutely GORGEOUS display for your Nativity village. (Kathy used our holiday red Executive table skirts to make a stunning addition to her display). Thank you for the pictures! 

"I purchased the three round burgundy table cloths that you see draped over the three round bar tables."
Burgundy Round Tablecloths
Those round tables are looking great (and so is your entire booth!). Thank you so much for sharing your photo with us! 

"Thought you might like to see what we did with the skirting and table tops we ordered. Several [became] totally stained with coffee.  Using "Shout" and "Arm & Hammer" laundry detergent I got everyone of them looking brand new. Thanks so much for all of the assistance I received with my order."

Thank you again, Ginger! Your Bridge Club has some amazing looking tables now! I appreciate the tip on getting out stubborn stains; hopefully going forward players will keep their coffee in their cups :)

"I have a cabin in the woods and have looked high and low for yellow checked gingham curtains with one inch squares .. The one I found were put of my price range and I don't sew.. I bought yellow gingham table cloth and hung them as panels .. I used curtain clips .. The material was so wonderful I did not have to iron .. They turned out beautiful "
Yellow White Checkered Drapes
Those drapes looks absolutely gorgeous, Janette! What a creative way to take our tablecloths and turn them into stunning drapes! Thanks so much for sharing your photo with us!

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