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The Importance of Using Table Linens in an Event

Posted by on 2/28/2020 to Helpful Tips
The Importance of Using Table Linens in an Event

One of the most fulfilling feelings in life is sharing joy and happiness with family and friends. We do that by inviting all our friends and family over and letting them rejoice and share in our big moments. That is why events such as weddings and parties are very close, intricate, and dear to people. As an event planner, you need to live up to your bargain and add glory and glamor to a party. While all aspects of planning are necessary to make the event a success, choosing the right tablecloths, napkins, and table skirts is a big plus. You don’t want to compromise the quality of the table linens or have the wrong size of table skirting clips, because they will keep falling off all through the event. Why would you have loose table cloths condemn your professionalism as an event planner, while you can avoid it by choosing firm and fitting table skirting clips? With the U.S. playing host to about 44, 230 weddings every weekend, you have to always deliver peerless events to remain in business. One of the easier ways is by choosing exemplary table linens to make your event or a success.

You must always choose the right size of table skirting clips to not only support but also match the colors of the table skirts. In any given party, an average of 100 guests will be in attendance and they will all need to use the tables for their drinks and food. With this in mind, and also remember that most new business in the event industry is through referrals, you must be above average with the choices of the table linens. Well fitted tablecloth covers will not only decorate the event but also save you lots of time when doing clean up after the party is over. Here are more reasons why table cloths, table skirts, and their accompanying table skirting clips are a must have in your event.

1. Makes Clean up Easy After Conclusion of an Event

Clearing the party venue after an event is very crucial and it is sometimes boring and tiresome. However, this is part of your job as an event planner. Table cloths and table skirts minimize the cost, time, and effort used in doing clean up. It is easier to clean the table linens and dust off food remnants and other party-related debris rather than dusting and washing the tables. Keep in mind that table furniture is more delicate and may sustain permanent stains from some food items. Covering it with table cloths and table skirts is a sufficient solution to protect the tables while also making clean up faster and easier.

Illuminates the Venue and Adds Glamor to a Party

Proper color matching of the table cloths and table skirts will do wonders to the venue by giving it a spiced up and cozy look. You get to maximize your interior design skills by sequencing the colors of the table skirts, napkins, table cloths, and table linen hangers with the theme color of the event. With enough table linens, you can pull off a genius theme by only matching it up with the color of the flowers, the ceilings, or the cutlery. It is upon you to out-do yourself, but most importantly, get it right.

ideally, you will find that table linens are more useful than just covering the tables. Creative event planners who are out to set the standards will always have more table linens than they can use. This is because they want to add more flavor to a party and having different sets of table linen helps bring out design creativity at its best. Table linens will also cut the risk of tables being stained during the party as the cost of replacing damaged furniture will cut into your profits. The most credible party planners take hours scheming and digesting ideas of how they can use table linen to register a remarkable effect at a party. Even when on a budget, you can still find affordable table linens and use them creatively to bring more flair to an event.

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