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Tip: Using Burlap For Weddings

Posted by JC on 5/15/2013 to Helpful Tips
Burlap for rustic weddings has become increasingly popular, helping create a natural, earthy atmosphere while also allowing brides and grooms stay within their budget.

IMPORTANT: Not every venue allows the use of Jute or Hemp Burlap. Before buying Burlap tablecloths, Burlap table runners, or other Burlap linen for your event, check to make sure that the venue allows real Burlap to be used.

Because plant-based Burlap (made of Jute, Hemp, or similar materials) have a tendency to shed and create "lint", some wedding halls will require an alternate material.

Even if the venue does allow real Burlap to be used, your guests might not enjoy the coarseness, shedding, and odor of real Burlap. If so, then we have the perfect solution for you:

Our Polyester Faux Burlap looks like the real thing, but is made of 100% Polyester that does not shed like Jute Burlap. So you'll still be able to have a wonderful Burlap-themed wedding, and still stay within your budget!

Faux Burlap For Weddings

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