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Tips For Decorating Your Event Yourself With No Experience

Posted by on 4/2/2020 to Helpful Tips
Tips For Decorating Your Event Yourself With No Experience
Professional party planners have an eye for detail and style. However, what if you’re tasked with putting a showstopping event, but have absolutely no experience in the party planning industry?

Here are a few tips you can use to make your event — whether you’re putting together a class reunion or wedding reception — a spectacular and memorable one.

If Your Event is Outdoors, Take This Factor Into Account

Outdoor events tend to be quite tricky in regards to planning. After all, the weather can make or break your event. Therefore, in case of inclement weather, whether the forecast predicts it or not, come prepared. Fitted tablecloth covers will keep your tablecloths in place if it’s windy out. Also, it’s a good idea to keep awnings and umbrellas in the trunk of your car in case of a downpour. If you’re worried about severe weather crashing your party, have a backup location in mind if it’s too dangerous to stay outdoors.

Visit Your Event Space Beforehand

Even if you’ve been to the location previously, before promising to plan the party, you should try to squeeze in a visit solely to design a layout in your head. Take plenty of photos and use them as inspiration when you’re struggling to move your project forward.

Create a Photogenic Epicenter

If you want people snapping photos non-stop, create a photogenic center to draw people in. You can also use various backgrounds varying in design and texture. For example, start by designing something around your party theme. If you’re planning a wedding reception, create a photo wall made from a collage of photos of the bride and groom. If you’re planning an academic event, like a science fair, create a large chemistry set made out of cardboard that people can pose with.

Add Goody Bags to the Tables

People love free gifts, so if you want your guests to leave with something memorable from your party, make sure to add goodie bags for each guest. You can add things like:
  • Mugs
  • Candy
  • DVDs or CDs
  • Coupons
Try and personalize these gifts so they're specific to your event.

Ensure Your Event Space is Well Lit

Lighting is another factor you want to consider.

If you want to keep a calmer vibe, keep the lights dim. Bring out lasers and spotlights to the dancefloor only to add to the excitement. However, if you wish to go for a more polished look and keep the venue well lit, consider adding lamps and string lights against the walls.

Set the Best Tableware

Cloth napkins can elevate your entire party. While this is a small detail, any professional in the industry will be quick to tell you that no detail is too minute when creating the perfect party.

Add a Food Display

You can also decorate your event with a food display. A chocolate fountain surrounded by food for dipping is a prime example.

Contact Us For Fitted Tablecloth Covers and Table Skirts

If you have been tasked with preparing the party of the century, put all of your fears aside. You are more than capable of creating a proper party, with the right party planning supplies and knowledge. For help purchasing everything from fitted tablecloth covers to table linens and cloth napkins, contact us today.

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