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Top 3 Reasons to Include Table Linens at Your Event

Posted by LO on 4/24/2019
table linens No matter what event is taking place, there will almost always be food or beverages served, whether it's hor d'oeuvres or a sit-down meal. It's usually up to a hardworking caterer to handle the food (did you know that the average owner of a catering business works almost 60 hours a week?), but they may not handle the arrangements at the venue. Tables, chairs, and other furniture or accommodations are important to have nailed down ahead of time. But don't forget about the details either! Tablecloths, table skirts, tablecloth clips, napkins, and other table linens are all important aspects that can help pull your event together, whether it's a themed event or not. We'll discuss why table linens of all kinds are so important, what to consider with a catering company, and what to look for in table linens.

Why Should I Have Table Linens at My Event?

Table linens have a few different purposes. First, on the most practical level, they protect the table or surfaces underneath the linens from getting dirty or stained. It's easier to sweep a bunch of tablecloths off the tables and wash them than wiping down every single table at an event afterwards if they've been protected by the linens.

Second, they can add a sense of sophistication or flare that bare tables often don't provide. White tablecloths bring to mind fine dining and elegance and signals to guests that there's something special or important going on.

Third, table linens can really pull an event together. If you're working with a color theme, colored napkins or table runners can provide a pop of color that ties in with the theme without being too overwhelming. They can add an element of cohesiveness that might be difficult to achieve otherwise.

What Should I Ask a Catering Company?

You should check and make sure that the catering company won't be handling table linens or furniture as well -- some do offer packages where those things are all taken care of. If they do, see what options they have available to you. If not, you should know ahead of time so you can source those items elsewhere.

Ask for a quote ahead of time as well and see exactly what's included in it. Are there extra charges for setting up the event or breaking it down? Do they take everything away or do you need to drop off items somewhere? See if they only handle food and beverages -- if you were looking for a more one-stop shop, that's important to know.

You should also always ask for references -- they're a great and effective way to gauge the kind of quality and services the catering company provides. And you should check to see if the caterer can handle different types of dietary restrictions (and at what cost). The days of just being able to offer a vegetarian option are a bit behind us -- people now look for vegan, gluten-free, and kosher or halal meals, among other things.

What Should I Know About Table Linens?

If you're doing a nicer event, you probably want to opt for higher-quality linens, like linen or cotton. Trust us, people will be able to tell the difference -- they likely drape a little differently and feel nicer to the touch. Plus, they tend to be more durable and won't get a sheen after a few washings.

For a more formal, understated look, going with white, cream, or ivory shades is always a good bet. If you're playing around with a fun theme or are working with specific colors (like for a wedding), make sure you don't overwhelm the tables with colors. Use linens more as an accent rather than the focal piece (i.e.: a burnt orange tablecloth might be a bit overwhelming, but a table runner or napkins might be the perfect touch).

Boost your event with the help of table linens -- from tablecloths to table skirts, they can make a big difference in pulling your event together.

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