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Using Table Linens to Match Your Theme

Posted by LO on 3/30/2019 to Helpful Tips
table linensPlanning a memorable event is exciting, and it involves careful planning. Having a well-organized person take care of the details for you can be a wonderful asset. Because of this, the event planning industry is demonstrating a faster than average rate of growth. It is currently 100,000 employees strong and, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, it's expected that this occupation will grow 10% every year from the present day until 2024. Planning a large event entails coordinating every aspect of your special function, including booking venues, calming down jittery hosts, and planning tablescapes. The caterer that the event planner joins forces with is also crucial since caterers need to be able to handle events that are planned for 100 to 250 guests, on average.

In order to keep abreast of the latest trends, 54% of all event planners state that they attend conferences. Here are three of the latest happenings in the industry, along with some suggestions for the perfect table linens to match the theme of your celebration.

1. Rustic Is the New Banquet Hall.

While searches for a conventional “banquet hall wedding” have flatlined during the past 14 years, the interest in having a rustic-style wedding has risen substantially. Most of the searches for this type of wedding were initiated in the United States.

Nothing says rustic quite like long wooden picnic benches and twinkling strings of lights. Long burlap table runners and coordinating table linens are the perfect touches to finish this outdoorsy look. For a softer style, take a bit of white lace or twine and tie a pretty bow at each end of the burlap runner. Another lovely option is to accent your wooden table with a romantic, lacy white table runner. Some soft, heartfelt country music playing in the background would be a nice addition as well.

2. Give Your Napkins Some High-Class Treatment.

Simple white linen napkins have been brushed aside in favor of bolder linens with more texture and eye appeal. Don't be afraid to fray their edges, trim them with lace, or add some beads and ribbons. After all, it's your day.

3. Beyond The Sea.

Weddings and other special events that include a stunning view of the ocean are always crowd-pleasers. To keep this nautical theme afloat in a sophisticated way, a stylish navy blue chevron table runner accented by vases filled with delicate white baby's breath and pale blue hydrangeas.

The most meaningful celebrations always center around family, friends, and plenty of delicious food. Creating a fun theme for the occasion and enhancing it with the right table linens can only add to the fun.

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