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Your Wedding Day is Special - Make it Stress Free

Posted by LO on 6/5/2019 to Everything Else
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Planning the Perfect Wedding

Your wedding is an important day. It is a day that amplifies the importance of decisions you make in life. Like, deciding who to marry is a BIG deal. Choosing tablecloths for your wedding . . . well, it kind of pales in comparison. However, tablecloths can go a long way in making your special day much less stressful.

WeddingWire’s 2017 Newlywed Report stated that 63% of brides feel a lot of pressure to have the perfect wedding. We put a lot of emphasis on getting married and on the wedding day in particular, so its pretty natural to feel a bit of anxiety over making sure everything is picture perfect. Here are some practical tips to helping make your wedding day much more stress free.

A Stress Free Wedding ( least, as stress free as possible!)

It may seem impossible to have a stress free wedding day, but no matter how you feel, there are things you can do to make your wedding day go a bit smoother. Here are some practical ways to keep the stress out of your wedding:

Bring a Second Pair of Shoes: It's important that you look great on your wedding day. Both men and women care about this. However those stunning heels are going to feel like vices ratcheting down on your feet after you spend hours standing, dancing, and taking pictures. Bring a pair of flats to change into, and change into them as soon as your feet need a break!

This goes for men too. Dress shoes can be very uncomfortable. Once the photography session is over, change those shoes and get into something that is comfortable (and still fashionable).

Pack an "Emergency" Bag: Get creative here. Have some Advil, snacks, a little caffeine shot, whatever you need prepped and ready to go in your emergency bag. There are other items you can pack that you hopefully will not need, but will sure be glad to have if it came to it. Get a small snag in your dress? Have a mini sewing kit ready. Other items might be extra hair pins, make up, make up remover, tweezers, super glue, floss, and eye drops. Anything you might need in case something goes awry!

Have Guest Tables Planned Appropriately: Chances are there will be some sort of food served at your wedding. Make sure to plan through (or hire a wedding planner) all aspects of seating the guests. Napkins and table linens should coordinate, table clips should be used to hold the tablecloth in place (particularly in an outdoor wedding), etc. There are small things like this that make a big difference in keeping the guests happy without you having to stress about it. Remember though, this day is about you, not them -- make sure you are enjoying yourself, because it is YOUR big day.

Leave Some Flexibility in the Schedule: It can be tempting to want to have every part of the day planned out to the minute. However, it’d be best to set the expectation now that things rarely go exactly as planned. Leave a little extra time between each event to ensure that if something comes up, you can laugh, have fun, and enjoy the flexibility of your wedding day. When you look back on your wedding day, you won't remember all the tiny little details or the things that didn't go exactly as planned. What you will remember are the feelings you had and the important decision that was made. Having some flexibility in your schedule will let you relax and enjoy going with the flow on your wedding day.

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