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Baby Shower Decor: How To Achieve The Rustic Look On A Budget

Posted by LO on 1/29/2019 to Everything Else
faux burlap
When it comes to parties, everybody loves a good theme. The current trend? Rustic, of course! Although many people choose to use this nature-heavy theme in their weddings (rustic decor has become more popular than the traditional 'white wedding' in recent years), we figured why not think outside the box? Let's plan a baby shower riddled with rustic elements. However, we know that most expecting parents need to save up for the little one on the way -- so this rustic baby shower is going to be crafted on a budget.

Comparing Covers: Table Skirts, Throws, And Runners

Posted by LO on 1/26/2019 to Everything Else
fitted table cover

Everybody loves a good party. Whether you're going to a wedding, a professional event, or just attending a neighborhood shindig, most people agree that fun times will be had by all. Hosting a party, though less relaxing, can be exciting in its own right; though you'll have to consider nearly every detail and accommodate your guests' needs, you can always play around with your options.

3 Tabletop Tips To Take Care Of Your Table Linens

Posted by LO on 1/3/2019 to Helpful Tips
We know how it is: you've hosted a glorious party and an accident has happened -- someone has caused a great mess on your precious table linens! Whether you're an event planner, are throwing a kids party, or hosting a simple wine 'n' dine get together with your friends, stains can spoil the evening. We've put together these few tips to ensure your linens will be looking their best at the next ladies' night.