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Choosing the Right Table Linen for Your Event

Posted by LO on 4/30/2019 to Helpful Tips
table linen Often one of the most important details of any wedding and reception is the last thing you probably think about - table linens. There are many different kinds of table linens and the right selection can punctuate a wedding reception hall in exactly the right way.

Top 3 Reasons to Include Table Linens at Your Event

Posted by LO on 4/24/2019
table linens No matter what event is taking place, there will almost always be food or beverages served, whether it's hor d'oeuvres or a sit-down meal. It's usually up to a hardworking caterer to handle the food (did you know that the average owner of a catering business works almost 60 hours a week?), but they may not handle the arrangements at the venue. Tables, chairs, and other furniture or accommodations are important to have nailed down ahead of time. But don't forget about the details either! Tablecloths, table skirts, tablecloth clips, napkins, and other table linens are all important aspects that can help pull your event together, whether it's a themed event or not. We'll discuss why table linens of all kinds are so important, what to consider with a catering company, and what to look for in table linens.

5 Ways the Right Linens Can Improve Your Wedding Theme

Posted by LO on 4/9/2019 to Everything Else
fitted tablecloth

Getting the right look and feel for your wedding takes work and effort. You also need to make sure all the elements fit and work well together. Many brides in the United States report the need to put together the perfect wedding; as many as 63% say they feel the pressure to do this, according to WeddingWire’s 2017 Newlywed Report.

Good As New: 5 Steps To Getting Creases Out Of Your Tablecloths

Posted by LO on 4/4/2019 to Everything Else
fitted tablecloth coversTable linens are often put through the wringer. Whether you're hosting a small picnic in your backyard or are catering a 250-person wedding, you're going to need to rely on quality tablecloths to see the event through to the end. You've got a variety of choices at your disposal: fitted tablecloth covers, rustic faux burlap table linens, plain tablecloths, uniquely patterned tablecloths, and all the options in between.