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Sweet Sixteen: 3 Tips To Help You Throw The Best Birthday Party

Posted by on 8/19/2019 to Helpful Tips
Birthday parties are a heck of a lot of fun; short of the iconic 21st birthday, the most celebrated age in the U.S. is 16. Sweet Sixteen birthday parties have become commonplace, but that doesn't mean that their organization and execution is easy. If your child is approaching this transformative age, you're going to need all the help you can get! Let's take a look at three tips that will ensure you throw a birthday party that they'll never forget.

Consider Fitted Tablecloths Or Plastic Tablecloth Clips For Your Wedding Banquet Tables

Posted by LO on 8/15/2019 to Helpful Tips
The fine details of your wedding decorations, let alone a number of other formal events, should not be overlooked. Decisions on even the small items like the tablecloth style, use of plastic tablecloth clips for fastening, and table skirt hangers for optimal storage are also significant to ensure that the special event is a memorable and beautiful occasion.

How Burlap Fabric Adds Natural To Your Special Event

Posted by LO on 8/4/2019 to Helpful Tips
burlap napkinsEvent and wedding planners know that trends are ever evolving and the intrepid event planner is familiar with the latest trends. In fact, nearly 55% of event planners polled said that they attend conferences in order to keep up with the latest trends.