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Help! I Don't Know How to Set the Tables at My Wedding Reception!

Posted by LO on 9/17/2018 to Helpful Tips
You've set the table at your home a hundred times, so how hard can it be to set the tables for your wedding reception? It can actually get a little complicated because wedding dinners require a lot more equipment than your typical dinner party does. Here is a basic guide for setting the tables at your reception.

5 Elements You Need to Achieve a Rustic Aesthetic For Your Wedding

Posted by LO on 9/13/2018 to Helpful Tips
Timeless Rustic Wedding Decor Elements

Like many brides, you desire to have a gorgeous rustic wedding this year. This style is incredibly popular, and there are so many ways you can capture the rustic feel. There are some staples of the rustic aesthetic that you absolutely must include if you want to achieve the rustic charm that so many people are after.

Tips to Help You Store and Prepare Your Wedding Linens For Multiple Uses

Posted by LO on 9/7/2018 to Helpful Tips
You used your wedding linens already, and they served you well. Now, your sister, best friend, cousin, or whomever, is getting married. Every weekend, more than 44,230 weddings take place, so this is bound to happen. Instead of buying all new linens, you can reuse yours! Here are some tips to help you do just that.

What Do I Need For the Guest Tables at My Wedding Reception?

Posted by LO on 9/5/2018 to Helpful Tips
There are so many little details when it comes to planning your wedding, and they can sometimes be more stressful than the big things. Your table settings might be one of those small things stressing you out, but there's no need to fret! Here are some essentials to include when you're setting your guest tables for the reception.