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Choosing Wedding Linens: 3 Common Options And Their Differences

Posted by LO on 12/31/2018
fitted tablecloth Every young girl's dream is to get married, but every young woman's dream is to get married and have the wedding go off without a hitch. While perfection is nearly impossible to achieve in any situation, there are certain things you can plan and prepare for in the months leading up to your Big Day. For example, if Aunt Linda tends to get a little wild after doing tequila shots, you can limit the alcohol available exclusively to beer and wine; if cousin Jeffrey was a bit of a fire-lover in his youth, you can make sure that all of the candles at the table have faux flames.

In the same vein (though much less exciting), you can use table linens that best suit your needs. Let's take a look at three of the most common options, and why they differ.

Polyester: Poly is a synthetic fiber that is incredibly durable and resistant to both stains and wrinkles, making it a great choice for weddings with large guest lists -- the average wedding hosts 136 guests, so opting for tablecloths that can keep up with that kind of volume is as wise as it is convenient. They're also available in a variety of options: standard, stretch, and fitted tablecloths.

Polyester is a simple and straightforward material: it won't break the bank and it will withstand a remarkable amount of abuse.

Cotton: A favorite choice for its softness, 100% cotton tablecloths are as natural as they are trendy. Unfortunately, they're not recommended for weddings because cotton is extremely prone to wrinkling and is very absorbent; if perfection is your goal, your cotton table linens may interrupt the image with a wrinkly mess. If you're more concerned about its environmental friendliness, however, you've found a winner!

Satin: Shiny, soft satin tablecloths are made from silk (or for a lesser expensive option, Polyester that is made to mimic the look of silk). While they reflect the lights and add a touch of romance to your theme, they can also be exorbitantly expensive. Since silk is so delicate, it may also be dry clean only, which can add extra costs to an already costly event.

Whether you're looking for standard or fitted tablecloths, the material is what truly matters. Find the perfect one and it will add to your perfect day.

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