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Consider Fitted Tablecloths Or Plastic Tablecloth Clips For Your Wedding Banquet Tables

Posted by LO on 8/15/2019 to Helpful Tips

The Pressure On Creating The Perfect Wedding

In the U.S., on average, 2.4 million weddings take place each year, and an average of 44,230 of these weddings occur every weekend. Monthly, 85,000 searches for wedding decorations are made (opens new window), and that number is anticipated to continue to trend upwards.

According to the 2017 Newlywed Report by WeddingWire, the immense pressure to create the perfect wedding affects 63% of brides. Clearly, weddings are occasions that are taken very seriously. Every detail must be planned, including the budget, venue, date, the maid of honor, the best man, bridesmaids, invitations, catering, and dress code, among so many other details. It is no wonder that the planning period leading up to the event can be so stressful!

Although there are plenty of big decisions regarding a wedding – choosing the perfect venue and date for example – the smaller details may also be very important. The decorations may not draw as much as attention as, say, the dress of the bride, but they play roles that are not only aesthetic but also functional.

When it comes to fitting banquet tables that must accommodate events involving catered food and self-serving guests, consider fitted tablecloths, plastic tablecloth clips, and table skirt hangers.

Fitted Tablecloths

A fitted tablecloth is made to have a snug fit, typically with banquet tables. The catering services and the food offered to guests certainly is a large part of the wedding guest experience. However, the tables themselves and their decorations and coverings should not be neglected.

Fitted tablecloth covers are functional in that they are much less likely to slip off a table, and they have the added bonus of providing a unique aesthetic. They hug the tabletop and legs, rather than freely flowing over the sides, giving banquet tables a different look than a traditional tablecloth or table throw.

Plastic Tablecloth Clips

For your tables that are using regular tablecloths rather than fitted tablecloths, and especially in outdoor weddings, the risk is that the tablecloths can slip and slide off of the table or parachute in the wind.

To resolve that issue, perhaps consider using plastic tablecloth clips. These are easy-to-use clips that help fasten cloths to the edges of the table to ensure that they stay in place. Even better is that they’re reusable and typically come in a clear plastic material that makes them much less noticeable to guests.

Table Skirt Hangers

Whether you’re using table skirting, tablecloths, or both at your wedding, consider using a table skirt hanger to store and transport your linens in order to prevent wrinkles and creases. Ordinary thin wire clothes hangers usually aren’t strong enough, or large enough, to accomodate table linen. Table skirt hangers, on the other hand, are designed to help keep your linens looking good as new when it is time to use them. Any celebration, from weddings to birthdays, anniversaries to baby showers, would benefit from having table skirts and tablecloths that aren’t creased, wrinkled, torn, or stretched!

Don’t Overlook The Fine Details

The fine details of your wedding decorations, let alone a number of other formal events, should not be overlooked. Decisions on even the small items like the tablecloth style, use of plastic tablecloth clips for fastening, and table skirt hangers for optimal storage are also significant to ensure that the special event is a memorable and beautiful occasion.

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