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Ditch The Disposable: 3 (Much Better) Tablecloth Alternatives

Posted by LO on 12/24/2018 to Helpful Tips
tablecloth clips We've all been to a children's birthday party or event where the tables are inelegantly covered with those thin plastic tablecloths. Every man, woman, and child that sat at a table graced with one inevitably spent their time picking it apart, digging their fingers into the easily (and satisfyingly) rippable material while their weak tablecloth clips barely kept them in place.

While these tablecloths are definitely ideal for kids who don't notice or care what they're eating off of if you're throwing a snazzy party -- be it a wedding, graduation, or simple celebration -- you don't want to skimp on the table linens. Here are three alternatives to try instead.


They are called table linens for a reason, you know. The material is soft, lightweight, and can add an air of elegance to the table setting. Best of all, they match almost any theme: whether you're going for rustic, black and white, or even a nerdy aesthetic, the classic white linen tablecloths (complete with matching tablecloth clips, of course) is never a bad decision.


If you want to make a statement that is subtle in its obviousness, a burlap tablecloth is the way to go. The brown/tan color is perfect for country or nature-themed occasions and creates a textured experience for your guests. Though many people expect anything burlap to be aggressively scratchy and irritating, the industry surrounding its use in weddings has made that understanding a thing of the past; burlap tablecloths, along with burlap napkins, prove that you can turn a rugged design accent into something befitting any occasion.


If your event isn't too upscale (or is going to be really messy), vinyl tablecloths are a solid choice. They'll be able to stand up to spilled drinks, food, and are very durable -- no picking allowed! Plus, they're reusable, so you can drag them out again when you celebrate again next year.

Caterers, on average, serve parties of between 100 and 250 people; do you really want that many of your closest friends and family members picking apart your table decorations? Ditch the disposable; choose from one of the three above instead!

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