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How Burlap Fabric Adds Natural To Your Special Event

Posted by LO on 8/4/2019 to Helpful Tips
burlap napkins Event and wedding planners know that trends are ever evolving and the intrepid event planner is familiar with the latest trends. In fact, nearly 55% of event planners polled said that they attend conferences in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Trends come-and-go, and often they return after a period of time (sometimes many years) of not trending. Some items are always trendy because they are timeless. However, it’s important to understand that the preferences of the specific client validates the worth of an event or wedding item, regardless of what is trending at any given time.

One item that has been making a comeback is burlap. You may not necessarily think of a high-end wedding using burlap napkins, table linens, and fabric, but you’d be surprised at the elegant ways burlap can be used for weddings or other special occasions.

Burlap: Contemporary Uses

  1. Burlap napkins. Burlap napkins provide a nice touch to an elegant table setting. Wrap this traditional fabric around silverware and finish it off with a tie or bow for a pleasant and unique theme.

  2. Burlap for table runners. For a natural feel, use burlap as table runners for your wedding or anniversary party. Traditional table linens are the standard for most events, so your guests would likely expect to see them. That said, something as simple as adding burlap table runners will give the table an unexpected, but comfortable and cozy, feel. Burlap napkins and table runners bring a wonderfully natural look to your event.

  3. Burlap fabric and glass vases. Burlap fits seamlessly with flowers, vases, and plants of all types. It makes sense: natural goes with nature. Wrap your vase centerpieces in a swath of burlap fabric to give your tables’ centers an organic aesthetic. Your guest will feel at home at your special event, and this works especially well in outdoor settings.

  4. Burlap pin and cork boards. If the event is an anniversary party or wedding, you want a place your family, friends, and special guests can sign in and send their well wishes to the happy couple. Use burlap fabric as the background or setting for the well-wishes board. This unique touch is a great addition to the celebration.

Burlap is typically offered in a Jute material, though polyester burlap is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. The main benefits of using polyester (faux) burlap is that unlike Jute, this fabric is machine washable, softer to the touch, and does not shed or have a burlap scent. The last two are perhaps the most important differences: many guests could do without the shedding of Jute burlap, as well as the strong scent, which makes polyester burlap a perfect option to have a rustic look without such hassles.

We’ve explored just some of the many ways that burlap fabric can add a refreshingly comfortable flavor to your wedding or other special event, so go ahead and dazzle your guests with burlap fabric accents.

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