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Table Skirts or Fitted Tablecloths – Which is Better?

Posted by on 11/14/2019 to Product Guides
table skirt hangerWeddings, banquets, family reunions, and business meetings have many things in common and one of them is food and the way it is served. This puts the spotlight right on the way a table is decorated, so it is appealing and inviting for guests to sit together and enjoy a meal.

Table skirts and fitted tablecloths are good choices as they transform a table into a beautiful area to serve food. They can convert an ordinary wooden or plastic table into a centerpiece of a room where guests can gather around and socialize. That said, which of the two should you choose?

Let's take a look at the benefits of both so you can better decide which is the more ideal choice for you.

Benefits of Table Skirts

Table skirts are a strip of fabric, usually pleated for a more elegant look, that attaches to the edge of your table and drops down to the floor (or more typically, within an inch of the floor). Here are some of the advantages of using these skirts.


One of the biggest advantages with table skirts is that they can be used on any table, regardless of its dimensions. For example, a 14-foot long table skirt can be used on an eight-foot, as well as, a six-foot banquet table. The difference is how much of the table it will cover. You can even reuse it across both the sizes, thereby making it more versatile and economical.

Since table skirts almost always attach to tables with the help of table skirting clips, you can also use them on tables that have different edge thicknesses. As long as you have the right clips on hand, your skirting can be used over and over again, on any table.

Mix and Match

Since a table skirt only goes from the edge of the table down to the floor, it leaves the top of the table uncovered. By doing so, it actually opens up the ability to change up the look of the table. To cover the top of the table, you use a table topper, which is essentially a tablecloth.

You can choose to use a table topper that is the same color as the table skirt, or use a different colored table topper for a beautiful contrast. For example, you can have a red table topper to go with a white table skirt or you can have everything of the same color for uniformity. It all depends on your preferences and the overall décor and theme of the event.

Table skirts are also easy to store with a table skirt hanger, and they don’t take up much room in the storage closet.

Now that we have seen the benefits of table skirts, let's see some reasons to opt for fitted tablecloths.

Benefits of Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted tablecloths come with many advantages too, and some of them are as follows.

Easy to Use

Many wedding and event planners tend to prefer fitted tablecloths because they are easy to handle. It is just a single piece of cloth that you put on a table and that's all that is needed to decorate it! These tablecloths are easy to remove as well and they work great when you have a wedding with many guests.

The downside is that fitted tablecloths can fit only tables of a certain size. If it’s a fitted tablecloth for a 6 foot banquet table, it will not fit on an 8 foot banquet table. In other words, you need separate tablecloths for different sized tables.

No Attachments

Another advantage is that these tablecloths require no additional attachments like table skirting clips. You can create stunning tables with just the tablecloth. However, usually fitted tablecloths are all made with the same color fabric, so your options for mix-and-matching colors is a bit more limited. Adding a table runner or laying a tablecloth over the top of the table is one way to give it a pop of color.

So, which of the two is better? It depends on your preferences, décor, and the needs of your guests. Research shows that the average number of wedding guests is 136. In general, if you’re expecting a lot of guests, fitted tablecloths are a good choice since they are quick and easy to set-up. On the other hand, if you plan to reuse the same tablecloths and accessories across different events, and especially if the tables can vary in size, then table skirts give you the most flexibility. But regardless of which choice you make, you're sure to leave a positive impression on your guests with the wide range of linens and table skirts available at

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