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Trade Show Marketing Done Right

Posted by CR on 1/15/2016 to Helpful Tips

A successful trade show booth requires a solid marketing plan and meticulous attention to every detail. What are your goals? How will you accomplish those goals in the short amount of time available to you in a trade show format? How do you design an exhibit that will get the attention of attendees? The answers to these questions will guide you in the development of a successful marketing plan for your next trade show.


What are your goals?


What are your goals for this specific trade show? Are you trying to increase leads or convert leads to sales? Are you trying to raise brand recognition and interest? Discuss this question with your whole team to make sure everyone involved has the same goals and vision. This unified front will make sure that your team is working together towards the same vision.


How will you accomplish those goals?


Now that you have identified your goals, how will you accomplish them? In a trade show setting you are competing with every other booth regardless of what they are offering. What can you do to draw prospective clients to your booth? Giveaways, direct mailings, and contests can help bring clients to your exhibit, but you must present a professional and polished appearance. Social media can be a valuable tool in building anticipation before the event. Posts featuring pictures and video clips of your product, especially featured or new products, can help build interest and drive visits to your exhibit. Social media pages are also a great way to let customers know about any planed giveaways or contests and create excitement for the event.


Exhibit Design

A successful trade show exhibit is clean, never claustrophobic or crowded, and puts your brand name at the front of everyone’s mind. Signage is extremely important and cannot be overdone. Make sure your logo and company name are well displayed at all times and from every direction of approach. All team members should be wearing apparel that features the company name, logo and colors. Table skirting and clips from will ensure that your table looks professional, clean, and organized at all times.


After the event action plan…



Trade show success requires a great deal of planning, execution and follow through in order to get the best possible return on your investment. This does not have to be stressful as long as you:

1.      Start planning early
2.      Identify your goals
3.      Utilize the right team members
4.      Create a solid marketing plan
5.      Present a professional exhibit
6.      Follow through with prospective clients


Remember to engage everyone that comes to your exhibit. You present the first impression people will have of your business; make sure it is a positive one! Contact Table Skirt Clip today to make your trade show a success.

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